The Photographer

Dave Burbank has been passionate about photography for nearly forty  years. He started as many photographers did back then, with a manual camera learning how it worked and what the relationships were with the controls. He developed his own film and did his own black and white and color printing.


Fast forward to today, where Dave uses state-of-the-art digital cameras, high quality lenses and lighting equipment and powerful software to manage his workflow. His love of the craft has grown and changed with the times as he has kept up with every technical change and improvement.

Dave is comfortable in any situation from a college basketball game to a family portrait. He loves photographing people and also enjoys a good challenge and will go the extra mile in making one-of-a-kind images. Sometimes that means taking photos in harsh environments and even operating cameras via remote control.

His work has been published in the New York Times as well as many other newspapers, websites and trade magazines. Dave does freelance work for Cornell University, Gannett Newspapers and Magazines as well as numerous other media outlets.

In addition to being a photographer, Dave recently retired from a 24 year career as a professional firefighter and EMT with the City of Ithaca Fire Department.

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